Thank You Note


Compassionate God, thank you for putting people in my life to help remind me of the great things you do for me. Help me to look for and hold onto these things, especially when I’m struggling. Amen. (from D365, a Daily Devotional App.)

My people.

This was the prayer from my devotion today, and it resonated so deeply with me. The sun was shining today, it is finally spring. I’m on my spring break right now, and I decided to road trip to visit my best friends in Madison, Wisconsin. After being here for only 24 hours, I feel completely humbled, and eternally thankful.


I have a habit of pushing people away from me when I’m struggling, but rightfully so. Not so long ago, my opening up, asking for help, saying I needed someone, pushed one of the most important people in my life straight out of it. I’m afraid that my issues are too much for people, because they have been too much for people.

This time was different though. After losing that one extremely important person, God showed me two people that would help me fix myself. He used them to help rebuild the love I lost for myself. Their friendship saved me, and continues to save me every day. They remind me how kind, beautiful, and important I am. They show me how truly loved and blessed I am. They give me so much faith in my potential and purpose. In my time of need, God showed me that it is okay to be vulnerable, to need people, to want help.

Here is my advice to you: Have people in your life who allow you to be weak, but remind you of how strong you are. Have people in your life that will pick you up from a fall when you’re too broken to do it yourself. Have people in your life that will be there for you through it all, but who show you that you are enough.

I couldn’t have had a better devotion today, because I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on what these friends have done for me, and how much they mean to me. I’ve never appreciated my friends like I do now. They mean so much more to me then they ever have, and I’m so thankful to feel this way.

Thank you God, for the people you have put in my life. For everyone who has come and gone in my life, because each person has served a very specific and important purpose. Thank you for leading me to the people who help me grow everyday, who encourage me to grow closer to you.


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