Healing Is Not Linear

 About a week ago, this picture was shared by a Facebook friend of mine. Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. The process of healing is just that, a process. Healing doesn’t happen all at once, and it’s not going to “just keep getting better”. Healing isn’t something that gets better everyday, it’s a roller coaster.
Some days you’ll feel like you can accomplish the world, and other days you’ll ask yourself how can you STILL be feeling like this, after all this time. People expect things to just start getting better one day, and to just keep getting better. THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE. There will be waves of sadness among your progress. Just because you have a day, a week that you feel the way you used to does not mean that all progress is lost.

A couple weeks ago, nothing felt right. I cried so much, I felt toxic to myself. My mindset was so different. I went to my therapist and asked her why all of the progress I’ve made was wiped out. She told me this:

        There will be waves of sadness. You cannot let those waves wash you away though. They will come like the tide, and then they will wash back out, and you will be okay. The beach is still there after the waves hit it. A little bit of the sand may have washed away, but it will be returned when the next wave comes.

It will be okay. Waves come, but they also go. You will still be there after the waves, because you are stronger than them.


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